At the June 16, 2022 meeting, the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee took the following actions


April 7th San Mateo County Democratic Party Meeting Outcomes

At the April 7th Special Endorsement Meeting, the San Mateo County Democratic Party approved endorsements for local candidates and ballot measures in the June 7th election.

Local Candidates

County Sheriff – Christina Corpus
County Superintendent of Schools – Nancy Magee
County Supervisor, District 3 – Ray Mueller
County Treasurer Tax Collector – Sandie Arnott

Local Ballot Measures

Measure C – Belmont-Redwood Shores School District Parcel Tax
Measure E – Millbrae Elementary School District Bond
Measure G – Brisbane School District Parcel Tax
Measure H – Hillsborough City School District Bond
Measure I – Ravenswood City School District Bond
Measure J - Jefferson Elementary School District Bond

The Central Committee also passed the following resolution

Resolution in Support of SB893 (Becker) to Enable Free Community College and Improve Access to Community College in San Mayeo County (John Pimentel)


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Until further notice, General Monthly Meetings will be held online via Zoom.




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Getting and Staying Involved


Interaction and building of all our current Democratic Clubs is a priority. Regular reports, inviting club membership to our monthly meetings, and encouraging them to join a committee or become an alternate/associate member is important for all of us. The more, the merrier! 

I want to remind everyone that as elected members of the Central Committee, it is our responsibility to be representatives of Democratic values to the people of our County--helping to educate and guide them and finding and promoting Democratic candidates at all levels of service to our community. This year’s board or associate members could become the next city council person, supervisor, assemblymember, or senator.

There are many ways to get involved with the San Mateo County Democratic Party and we invite all local Democrats to support their Party by volunteering. Please take a look at our Web page, Facebook, or Twitter to keep abreast of events or issues that may be of interest. Make sure when you’re participating in a Democratic event that you use social media to get the word out. Make everyone want to be where you are!

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Help me in inviting all local Democrats to join us in keeping San Mateo County BLUE!

Democratically Yours,

Karen Maki

Chair, SMCDems


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