Chair's Letter - July 2013

Subject: Summer Events and the Work Ahead

July 03, 2013

Dear Friends:

The summer is already upon us but despite the traditionally slow days of the season many significant events are happening. Not least among them is the recent rulings by the United States Supreme Court striking a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act and thereby enabling the federal government to recognize same sex marriages. 

In addition, California's Proposition 8 was vacated by the high court, enabling same sex marriages in the Golden State.

Both rulings are welcome news and evidence of the effectiveness and need for progressive political activism.

In contrast, the Supreme Court also issued another ruling significantly weakening the Voting Rights Act of 1965. As a result, many states are already enacting laws to create barriers to voting. 

While there is little danger of such barriers being erected in California, much work will be required in the years to come to address new challenges.


Summer Events

One of the marquee Democratic Party events of the summer is the annual Fourth of July Picnic sponsored by the Filipino American Democratic Club (FADC) and the North Peninsula Democratic Club.

The family-friendly event is free and open to all Democrats.

The event will be held Thursday, July 4 from 10 am -  5 pm at the San Bruno City Park in picnic area #6.

For more information please visit the FADC web page here.

The San Mateo County Democratic Party is in the process of organizing a BBQ event for August. Details to come next month.


July Executive Board

The July E-board will be held July 19-21, 2013 at the Hilton Orange County. See the link below for more information. 

Links for Registration, Observer passes and luncheon tickets are available now. Check online here for more information.


Phone Bank

With the resignation of former Democratic State Senator Michael Rubio from the 16th State Senate District seat primarily located in Kern County, the Democratic Party supermajority in the State Senate has been diminished to 28 of seats out of a possible 40 - with 27 being the two-thirds threshold.

In a Special Election held in May, It initially appeared that Republican farmer Andy Vidak built a big enough lead in last week's 16th Senate District election to avert a runoff. Fortunately, the final vote totals showed that the Republican candidate did not succeed in avoiding a runoff opening an opportunity for Democratic Kern County Supervisor Leticia Perez to vie for the seat in July 23 general election.

A Vidak win would not deprive Senate Democrats of their two-thirds super majority, but it would reduce it to a 28-12 margin - or a single vote more than required to retain the ability to pass new taxes or constitutional amendments without Republican input.

The California Democratic Party is hosting a virtual phone bank so that activists throughout California can make a difference in the critical race.

If you have a spare hour two to help elect Leticia Perez please visit and log in to help.

This is a critical race for the Democratic Party.

For more information on Leticia Perez please

The year ahead will be exciting and as always there remains much work to do as we prepare for the next elections and we invite all San Mateo County Democrats to participate in upcoming events and efforts to keep San Mateo County blue.

Democratically Yours,

David Burruto

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