Resolutions Adopted by the Central Committee of the

San Mateo County Democratic Party

   Resolutions express the position of the San Mateo County Democratic Party.   Additionally, they may be an attempt to influence the actions of public officials and the public.   They have a preordained format (three “whereas” clauses and one or two “therefore” clauses.    A regular resolution is read to the Central Committee at the first meeting where it is introduced, and a majority of the membership must support it at the next meeting when it is voted on.  An urgent resolution is voted on at the meeting where it is first introduced and must win by a two thirds vote.  Elected delegates, alternates and ex-officios may introduce resolution.

Number Topic Title Date Adopted Resolution as Adopted
2021-2 Governance Resolution in Support of Senate Bill (SB) 90 and Assembly Bill (AB) 1416, the Ballot DISCLOSE Act March 18, 2021 Click here
2021-1 Governance Resolution Calling for Investigation of Congressmembers Who Violated Their Oath of Office Jan. 21, 2021

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2020-6 Police Reform Resolution Calling for San Mateo County Mayors and Councilmembers to Sign Former President Obama’s National Mayor’s Pledge to Reform Police Use of Force Policies Aug. 20, 2020

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2020-5 Diversity/
Resolution Urging State and Local Governments to Completely Remove Illegal and Unenforceable Racially-Restrictive Covenants from Real Estate Transaction Documents and Processes Aug. 20, 2020

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2020-4 Diversity/
Resolution in Opposition to Proposition 22 July 16, 2020 Click here
2020-3 Diversity/
Resolution in Support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and Increased Safety for County Residents June 18, 2020 Click here



Resolution to Denounce Stigmatization, Xenophobia, Hateful Racism arisen from COVID19 Pandemic & to Honor Asian Americans during Asian Pacific Islander Month May 21, 2020 Click here
2020-1 Diversity/
Resolution Urging San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, the California State Legislature, and U.S. Congress to Protect Farmworkers During COVID-19 and Pesticide Exposure with Personal Protection Equipment April 16, 2020 Click here
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