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This is the official website of the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee.

Activities and Mission

The Committee makes the official Democratic Party endorsements in non-partisan municipal, local district and county elections, operates the County's official Democratic Party headquarters, and generally coordinates Democratic activities in the County.

Our mission is to support Democratic candidates and elected officials at all levels of government, and ballot measures promoting Democratic values in San Mateo County and the State of California.

Bylaws, Code of Conduct, and Meeting Agreements

Current Bylaws (updated June 16, 2022)
Code of Conduct (eff July 2020)
Meeting Agreements


The Committee is comprised of (1) "elected members," who are elected by Democratic voters in the five County Supervisorial Districts in the primary election in each even-numbered year, and (2) "ex officio members," who are the County's Democratic state and federal legislators. Both elected and ex officio members are allowed two alternates who may vote if their elected and officio members are absent. In addition, any Democrat in the County may become a non-voting Associate Member.

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Officers (2021-2025)


Chair: Karen Maki (email)





Northern Vice Chair: Sarah Fields


Southern Vice Chair: Steve Booker


Corresponding Secretary: Rudy Espinoza-Murray 


Communications Director: Alex Melendrez


Recording Secretary: Elmer Martinez 



Controller: Denton Murphy



Central Committee Elected Members


First Supervisorial District

Nicklas Akers, Burlingame   
David Burruto, Burlingame   david burruto
Ashleigh Evans, San Mateo  ASHLEIGH EVANS
Sandra Lang, Burlingame   sandra lang


Second Supervisorial District

Nicole Fernandez, San Mateo
Alexis Lewis, Foster City alexis lewis
Cliff Robbins, San Mateo   cliff robbins
Ginny Stewart, Foster City 
Nancy Yarbrough, San Mateo 


Third Supervisorial District

Steven Booker, Half Moon Bay
Victoria Sanchez De Alba, Pacifica
Jon Levinson, San Carlos Image result for jon levinson san mateo
Nicole Kemeny, Menlo Park
Helen Wolter, Portola Valley
April Vargas, Montara  


Fourth Supervisorial District

Andrea Reyna, Menlo Park
Karen Maki, Menlo Park
Diana Reddy, Redwood City
John Woodell, Menlo Park    Image result for john woodell voters


Fifth Supervisorial District

Judith Christensen, Daly City  Image result for judith christensen
Annette Hipona, Daly City  Image result for annette hipona
Ray Buenaventura, Daly City  
Juslyn Manalo, Daly City


Ex Officio Members

Hon. Jackie Speier, U.S. Congress

14th District


Hon. Anna Eshoo, U.S. Congress

18th District


Hon. Scott Wiener, California State Senate

11th District


Hon. Josh Becker, California State Senate

13th District

Hon. Phil Ting, California State Assembly

19th District


Hon. Kevin Mullin, California State Assembly

22nd District


Hon. Marc Berman, California State Assembly

24th District   




State Executive Board Representatives


Karen Maki
Nicklas Akers   
Erin Chazer  



Additional State Delegates

April Northrup  
Erin Chazer
Alexander Melendrez
Elmer Martinez
Mark Nagales  
Denton Murphy  



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