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Christine Pelosi will speak at our November 17th Meeting

"Election 2022: Our Democratic Wins, Lessons, and Next Steps"

Featuring Guest Speaker:

          Christine Pelosi

Attorney, Author, Grassroots Organizer, and Public Policy Advocate

Find out more about her here.

Meeting Logistics:

Speaker at 7 PM and business meeting at 7:30 PM.

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October 20, 2022 Central Committee Meeting Outcomes

The Central Committee took these actions:

Both resolutions are in support of resolutions that will be voted on at the CADEM E-Board meeting. 

November 2022 Election Endorsements

Electing people to office who will enact our Democratic values on equity, housing, climate change, transportation, and the other public issues is tremendously important. The large impact that these officials can have on our lives is why the California Democratic Party and the San Mateo County Democratic invest so much time deciding which candidates to endorse and promoting endorsed candidates. Ballot measures also have the ability to impact our lives by determining  public positions and providing public funding. 

Below you will find a complete list of local endorsements for the November 2022 Election for city council, school boards, county offices, local legislative offices. California Democratic Party endorsements can be found here.

You can preview our northern and southern slate cards being mailed to 18,000 Democrats in San Mateo County here.


City Council:

  • Atherton City Council - Rick Degolia, Stacy Miles Holland
  • Belmont City Council, District 1 - Gina Latimerlo
  • Belmont Mayor - Julia Mates
  • Burlingame City Council, District 5 - Peter Stevenson
  • Daly City Council - Manūfou Liaiga-Anoa'i, Pamela DiGiovanni, Ray Buenaventura
  • East Palo City Council - Jeffrey Austin, Ruben Abrica
  • Foster City Council - Evan Adams, Richa Awasthi
  • Half Moon Bay City Council, District 4 - Debbie Ruddock
  • Menlo Park City Council, District 4 - Betsy Nash
  • Millbrae City Council, District 2 - Wayne Lee
  • Pacifica City Council, District 2 - Robby Bancroft
  • Portola Valley Town Council - Craig Hughes, Craig Taylor
  • Redwood City Council, District 2 - Chris Sturken
  • San Bruno City Council, District 4 - Auros Harman
  • San Carlos City Council - Adam Rak, Pranita Venkatesh, Sara McDowell
  • San Mateo City Council, District 1 - Lisa Nash
  • San Mateo City Council, District 3 - Sarah Fields
  • San Mateo City Council, District 5 - Adam Loraine
  • South San Francisco City Council, District 1 - Mark Addiego
  • South San Francisco City Council, District 5 - Eddie Flores
  • Woodside Town Council, District 2 - Steve Lubin

School Board:

  • Belmont-Redwood Shores School District - April Northrup
  • Jefferson Elementary School District - Anthony Tsujisaka
  • Ravenswood City School Board - Laura Nuñez, Mele Kasavu Latu, Tamara Sobomehin
  • San Carlos School District, full - Ben Kornell, Neil A. Layton, Sarah Cassanago
  • San Carlos School District, short - Sarah Johnson Kinahan, Tracy Park
  • San Mateo Community College District, Area 2 - Michael Guingona
  • San Mateo-Foster City School District, Area 1, full - Alison Proctor
  • San Mateo-Foster City School District, At Large, short - Kenneth Chin 
  • Sequoia Union High School District, Area A - Suvarna Bhopale
  • Sequoia Union High School District, Area D - Sathvik Nori
  • South San Francisco Unified School District, District D - Amanda Anthony

County Offices:

  • Member Board of Supervisors, District 3 - Ray Mueller
  • San Mateo County Harbor District, District 3 - Kathryn V. Slater-Carter

Local Legislative Representation:

  • Member of the State Assembly, 19th District - Phil Ting
  • Member of the State Assembly, 23rd District - Marc Berman 
  • US Representative, 15th District - Kevin Mullin
  • US Representative, 16th District - Anna Eshoo

Local Ballot Measures

City Ballot Measures - Support

  • Measure K - City of Belmont: Transient Occupancy Tax Measure   
  • Measure L - City of East Palo Alto: Residential Rental Property Business Tax Measure
  • Measure N - City of Millbrae: Transient Occupancy Tax Measure
  • Measure O - City of Brisbane: Hotel Business License Tax Measure
  • Measure P - City of Redwood City: Mayoral Term Charter Amendment Measure
  • Measure Q - City of Pacifica: Fireworks Advisory Measure
  • Measure U - City of Brisbane: Transactions and Use (Sales) Tax Measure
  • Measure X - City of Burlingame: Business Licensing Measure
  • Measure Y - City of Pacifica: Transactions and Use (Sales) Tax Measure
  • Measure Z - City of Redwood City: Election Procedure Charter Amendment Measure
  • Measure AA - City of South San Francisco: Affordable Housing Authorization Initiative
  • Measure BB - City of San Bruno: Mayor and City Council Term Limit Measure
  • Measure CC - City of San Mateo: Transfer Tax on Property Sales of $10 Million or More
  • Measure DD - City of South San Francisco: Citizen-Sponsored Parcel Tax Initiative for Preschool for All

City Ballot Measure - Oppose

  • Measure V - City of Menlo Park: Citizen-Sponsored Initiative Measure

School Bonds - Support

  • Measure M - Bayshore Elementary School District: Parcel Tax Measure
  • Measure R - La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District: Bond Measure
  • Measure S - Redwood City School District: Bond Measure
  • Measure T - South San Francisco Unified School District: Bond Measure
  • Measure W - Sequoia Union High School District: Bond Measure


September 8th Central Committee Meeting Outcomes

At their Thursday, September 8th meeting, the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee

Reviewed recommendations and approved endorsements for city councils, school boards, the county harbor district, and ballot measures.

Passed this resolution,  Urging California Governor Gavin Newsom to Sign California’s Agricultural Labor Relations Voting Choice Act (AB 2183)  

If you have any questions, contact:

Karen Maki, SMCDCC Chair: [email protected]

August 18 Central Committee Outcomes 

At their monthly meeting, the San Mateo County Democratic Party accomplished the following:

  • Elected Denton Murphy to controller, which is a position on the e-board.
  • Passed this resolution: "To add Communication Director to the E-Board in the bylaws and to appoint Alex Melendrez as interim Communications Director.”
  • Passed the SB 396 Opposition Resolution, which states the county party's opposition to shielding PG&E from liability from removing trees from people's property without notice or permission or disposal of the felled trees:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee opposes the passage of SB 396 and will send a copy of this resolution to Senator Becker and Senator Weiner, with a request that they vote against SB 396 and actively work to prevent its passage; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee urges Pacific Gas and Electric to replace bare wire with reinforced, triple-insulated wires and computerized circuit breakers instead of removing trees.

 Therefore, be it resolved, that the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee will uphold Democratic Party values by endorsing only local candidates who publicly pledge, in writing, to accept no campaign contributions from companies which extract, sell, or finance extraction of fossil fuel, or from Political Action Committees which source funds from those companies.


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Until further notice, General Monthly Meetings will be held online via Zoom.




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Getting and Staying Involved


Interaction and building of all our current Democratic Clubs is a priority. Regular reports, inviting club membership to our monthly meetings, and encouraging them to join a committee or become an alternate/associate member is important for all of us. The more, the merrier! 

I want to remind everyone that as elected members of the Central Committee, it is our responsibility to be representatives of Democratic values to the people of our County--helping to educate and guide them and finding and promoting Democratic candidates at all levels of service to our community. This year’s board or associate members could become the next city council person, supervisor, assemblymember, or senator.

There are many ways to get involved with the San Mateo County Democratic Party and we invite all local Democrats to support their Party by volunteering. Please take a look at our Web page, Facebook, or Twitter to keep abreast of events or issues that may be of interest. Make sure when you’re participating in a Democratic event that you use social media to get the word out. Make everyone want to be where you are!

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Help me in inviting all local Democrats to join us in keeping San Mateo County BLUE!

Democratically Yours,

Karen Maki

Chair, SMCDems


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