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The San Mateo County Democratic Party distributed this card with our endorsements

Note: The San Mateo County Democratic Party has not endorsed any Democratic Central Committee candidates.

Find out about a recent misleading flyer mailed to San Mateo, Foster City, and northern Belmont voters


Note the disclaimer at the bottom of card. If a mailer does not contain "Paid for by the San Mateo County Democratic Party", it is not from the County Party.

So Many Candidates for the Central Committee

County Democratic Central Committee seats are hotly contested this year. There are twice as many candidates running as there are seats in all five districts.

Many Democrats are competing for the opportunity to lead the County Party, including a former state senator, former mayors, city council members, and a county supervisor. Politicians who had previously delegated the grassroots efforts of managing the local party to activists are now seeking positions on the Central Committee.

Candidates and their supporters are spending more money and utilizing more ways of influencing the public's vote than probably ever before. Candidates have websites and Facebook pages, host rallies, make phone calls, walk precincts, yard signs, and send mailers.


County Democratic Central Committees make endorsements in local county, city council, and school board races. Party endorsements influence the outcome of races. A recent example is a 2022 County Supervisor race. The San Mateo County Democratic Party could not reach its 60% threshold to agree on an endorsement. Different Central Committee members may have yielded different results.

County Democratic Central Committees also take positions on county policy and state legislation by passing resolutions. The County Party has opposed trying youth as adults, supported sheriff oversight, and hosted a summit to bring attention to the concerns of farm workers on the San Mateo County Coast.


February 15, 2024 Central Meeting Accomplishments

Get Involved with SMCDems, Join a Committee

San Mateo County Democratic Party is looking for Democrats to help with the work. Many hands lighten the load — or something like that. See a complete list of our committees here.

  •  Climate Committee – educates members on climate change and encourages local entities to take action
  •  Events and Fundraising Committee – plans luncheons, picnics, and other get togethers for the SMCDems community
  •  Farmworker Affairs Committee – advocates for equity and access to resources and representation 
  •  Program and Education Committee – finds speakers for the half hour before the business meeting
  •  Sheriff Oversight - works with Fixin’ San Mateo to implement oversight of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s office
  •  School to Prison Pipeline - work to end
  •  Voter Registration - registers new voters in San Mateo County

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All Democrats Are Welcome To Monthly Meetings!



Until further notice, General Monthly Meetings will be held online via Zoom.




Join Us For The Future Of

The Democratic Party In Our County!



Become An Associate Member

And Join A Committee!!!


Getting and Staying Involved


Interaction and building of all our current Democratic Clubs is a priority. Regular reports, inviting club membership to our monthly meetings, and encouraging them to join a committee or become an alternate/associate member is important for all of us. The more, the merrier! 

I want to remind everyone that as elected members of the Central Committee, it is our responsibility to be representatives of Democratic values to the people of our County--helping to educate and guide them and finding and promoting Democratic candidates at all levels of service to our community. This year’s board or associate members could become the next city council person, supervisor, assemblymember, or senator.

There are many ways to get involved with the San Mateo County Democratic Party and we invite all local Democrats to support their Party by volunteering. Please take a look at our Web page, Facebook, or Twitter to keep abreast of events or issues that may be of interest. Make sure when you’re participating in a Democratic event that you use social media to get the word out. Make everyone want to be where you are!

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Help me in inviting all local Democrats to join us in keeping San Mateo County BLUE!

Democratically Yours,

Karen Maki

Chair, SMCDems


Paid for by the San Mateo County Democratic Party and not authorized by any candidate or their committee

Contact Information:


Mail: 63 Bovet Rd, #137, San Mateo, CA 94402
Phone: 650-344-1714
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @SMCDems
Facebook: SMCDems on Facebook

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