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Thank you to all who worked to Stop the Recall.  Together we helped inspire San Mateo County voters to vote. 66% San Mateo County voters turned out to vote compared 57% statewide.  And more importantly, 78% voted NO on the Recall in our county versus 62% statewide.

Our volunteers, leaders, and donors did a great job! We made a difference! Thank you so much.

We were able to reach 46% of the LatinX high propensity Democratic voters in the County.  This group was our main focus and our efforts were generously rewarded: 87% of LatinX voters voted NO!

Here’s how we did it:

They had only five weeks to organize a campaign, recruit volunteers and reach out to voters. These were our four efforts:

  1. The San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee created and mailed a “no recall” mailer to 32,000 San Mateo County Democratic voters, which was the only “no recall” mailer they received. This effort was initiated by the E-Board, approved by the Central Committee, and managed by Rudy Espinoza-Murray and David Burruto. We are grateful to our officials (Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, Assemblymember Marc Berman, Senator Josh Becker, Assemblymember Phil Ting, Senator Scott Weiner, Supervisor David Canepa), Central Committee members, alternates, associates, and supporters for $13,000 in donations, which covered most of our $14,000 expenses. 

  2. The Voter Registration Committee, led by April Vargas, Nancy Calibjo, and Mark Klein recruited old and new volunteers. Ramona Cavanaugh assembled walk materials and also canvassed. Bill Wessell delivered yard signs and walk materials to canvassers.  Jonathan Hull built the precinct walk lists and kept track of what was accomplished.  Volunteers offered their houses as staging areas for precinct walkers and others walked the precincts.

  3. Rudy Espinoza-Murray built on his 2020 election work -- contacting past volunteers and creating a coalition with multiple central committees in the Bay Area and other progressive organizations, like Swing Left in San Mateo County and beyond to build one large phone bank series.

  4. The 618 LatinX Team called 618 recently registered voters and those who did not vote in 2018. Nancy Calibjo led the effort.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and donated - who helped boost San Mateo County’s impressive voter turnout.


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Do you want Democratic Party swag, like masks, shirts, caps, signs and bumper stickers?

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SMCDEMS is pleased to share news about our partnership with ForeAmerica, a San Mateo County-based, Democratic woman-owned small business and union printer to provide all the Dem accessories you need this election year.

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All Democrats Are Welcome To Monthly Meetings!


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Until further notice, General Monthly Meetings will be held online via Zoom.




Join Us For The Future Of

The Democratic Party In Our County!



Become An Associate Member

And Join A Committee!!!


Getting and Staying Involved


Interaction and building of all our current Democratic Clubs is a priority. Regular reports, inviting club membership to our monthly meetings, and encouraging them to join a committee or become an alternate/associate member is important for all of us. The more, the merrier! 

I want to remind everyone that as elected members of the Central Committee, it is our responsibility to be representatives of Democratic values to the people of our County--helping to educate and guide them and finding and promoting Democratic candidates at all levels of service to our community. This year’s board or associate members could become the next city council person, supervisor, assemblymember, or senator.

There are many ways to get involved with the San Mateo County Democratic Party and we invite all local Democrats to support their Party by volunteering. Please take a look at our Web page, Facebook, or Twitter to keep abreast of events or issues that may be of interest. Make sure when you’re participating in a Democratic event that you use social media to get the word out. Make everyone want to be where you are!

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Help me in inviting all local Democrats to join us in keeping San Mateo County BLUE!

Democratically Yours,

Karen Maki

Chair, SMCDems


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