Standing Together 2017

SMC DEMS endorsed Democrat, San Carlos Mayor Cameron Johnson and other local elected officials led another effort to inspire positive action among Peninsula residents sharing similar values. Johnson observed a shared concern among residents around the trajectory of progressive causes following the November election, and received several inquiries as to what residents could do in response.

With the help of volunteers, Johnson, San Mateo County Democratic Party and a host of other local elected officials coordinated the Standing Together fundraiser Wednesday at Devil’s Canyon Brewery in San Carlos.

“It’s an opportunity to spend some time with people who share their concerns and talk about ideas for thinking about our world,” he said.

The organizing group identified four nonprofits as beneficiaries of the event, which more than 300 people attended. The Natural Resources Defense Council, International Institute of the Bay Area, Emerge California and Samaritan House will each receive a portion of the more than $26,000 raised Wednesday.

Johnson said those participating in the event would be asked to write down action steps with positive impacts that they planned to execute in the following year.

“We think it’s very important that people take action and that they channel their concerns and the anxiety they’re feeling to help improve their country,” he said. “We think it’s important they do something with this time.”

We are very proud to be a co-sponsor! 

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