2017 Barbeque

In 2017, we once again held our event in Twin Pines Park in Belmont and had well over 250 guests. The event was called the Sizzling Summer of Resistance Bar-B-Que and our headline sponsors were Michael Bracamontes for Governor and Pat Harris for Senate. We also had support from Foster City Councilmember Sam Hindi, who was a guest speaker. San Mateo Councilmember Joe Goethals and NextGen California were also high-level sponsors.


Sponsors included:

Michael Bracamontes for Governor 2018

Pat Harris for Senate 2018

Sam Hindi

Joe Goethals

NextGen California

Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018, Carole Groom, Diana Reddy, Juan Raigoza, Cecily Harris-SMCDCC Chair, Eric Rodriguez, Hene Kelly, Charles Stone, Rick Bonilla, Charlie Drechsler, Chelsea Bonini, Peninsula Democratic Coalition.

Pam Salvatierra, Laura Parmer-Lohan, Haifa Khoury, Andrew Byrnes, Eileen O'Reilly, Wayne Lee, Don Horsley, Mike & Cathy Aydelott, Swing Left (Peninsula Region), the Pacifica - Daly City Democrats, and the San Mateo County Central Labor Council, Kirsten Keith.

 BBQ1-300x200.jpg BBQ2-300x200.jpg BBQ3-300x200.jpg BBQ4-300x200.jpg BBQ5-300x200.jpg BBQ6-300x200.jpg


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