August 2017 Chair's Newsletter

San Mateo County Democratic Party Newsletter

Dear Friend -- 

Fifty years ago was a time of major social change in America. It was the Summer of Love in San Francisco. Young people disagreed with the “establishment” and showed it through music, art and what they wore. “Make love, Not war,” they told us.

Today is another time of major social change. Platforms separate Democrats and Republicans. Divisions within the parties keep our elected Representatives and Senators from drafting and passing the laws our great country needs. Chaos reigns in the West Wing. We know this, but let’s not let the media alarms distract us. 

Let’s work together as progressive and moderate Democrats to get more outstanding California Democrats elected and take back the White House in 2020. Let’s unite in our quest to keep control of all the California state offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Controller. 

Let’s show California and the rest of the country how San Mateo County will help keep California Blue. By strengthening our San Mateo County Democratic Party, we can attract more interest in Democratic values from people of all ages, but especially Millennials and our future voters.

Let’s make 2017 the Summer of Resistance in San Mateo County. An outstanding way to engage or re-charge ourselves is to attend the Sizzling Summer of Resistance BBQ. Where else can you gather over one hundred Democrats at a festival of Democratic values with food, drink, and great conversation? Where else can you learn about what races to follow now and how you can volunteer?

Please join us at Twin Pines Park in Belmont from 12 to 4 pm on Saturday August 12.

Tickets and Sponsorships are still available at


Looking ahead, fall will be busy.  There are several City Council and School Board elections and some local ballot measures that we are monitoring. We will have a Meet the Candidates Night in early September and our Endorsements Committee will bring a recommended slate to the September 21 General Meeting for a vote by the elected San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee Members. More information will be available soon on the website and social media.


General Meeting
Join us for our August General Membership Meeting on August 17th. Business starts at 7:30, but come early at 7:00 for our Social Hour Half Hour! Meetings take place at the Transport Workers Union Local 505 Meeting Hall at 1521 Rollins Road in Burlingame. Plenty of parking available. You can RSVP on Facebook here and on our website here.


Thanks for your past support and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Democratically yours,

Cecily Harris






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