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Q: Please make your choice of second course.
A: Blackened Salmon Caesar Salad

2018 Annual Convention Luncheon Menu

This is a two part survey to collect your meal choices. Please just select the first course on the first page and the second course on the second page. Thank you. 

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October 2017 Chair's Newsletter

San Mateo County Democratic Party Newsletter

Dear San Mateo County Democrats,

I am in shock as I write to you today. News about a horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas is overwhelming the news. I keep asking my friends and family why these situations continue to occur in this great country. After weeks of catastrophic hurricanes in the Caribbean and Gulf states, I’m feeling pretty devastated and have contributed to the Red Cross as much as I can. If you can’t make a financial donation, consider donating blood in memory of or in honor of the victims of these natural and human-caused events.

On the bright side, a very hard working SMCDems Endorsements Committee brought forward a high caliber list of individuals and measures for endorsement at the September 21 General Meeting. These individuals earned our endorsement:

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Just made a donation to San Mateo County Democrats. I'm going to the Sizzling Summer Resistance BBQ on August 12, are you?

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Elected Member Dues

  • Yearly dues for elected/appointed voting members of the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee are $70.
  • Optionally, dues can be paid in two installments of $35 each.
  • Dues must be paid by the member themselves. 

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