October 2017 Chair's Newsletter

San Mateo County Democratic Party Newsletter

Dear San Mateo County Democrats,

I am in shock as I write to you today. News about a horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas is overwhelming the news. I keep asking my friends and family why these situations continue to occur in this great country. After weeks of catastrophic hurricanes in the Caribbean and Gulf states, I’m feeling pretty devastated and have contributed to the Red Cross as much as I can. If you can’t make a financial donation, consider donating blood in memory of or in honor of the victims of these natural and human-caused events.

On the bright side, a very hard working SMCDems Endorsements Committee brought forward a high caliber list of individuals and measures for endorsement at the September 21 General Meeting. These individuals earned our endorsement:

Burlingame School Board: Kay Coskey, Davina Drabkin, Douglas B Luftman

Portola Valley School District: Jeff Klugman

San Carlos School District: Neil Layton

San Mateo-Foster City School District: Noelia Corzo, Shara Watkins, Shiraz Zack Kanga

Brisbane City Council: Karen Cunningham, Cliff Lentz 

Burlingame City Council: Ricardo Ortiz

San Bruno Mayor: Rico E. Medina

San Bruno City Council: Laura Davis, Michael Salazar

San Mateo City Council: Rick Bonilla, Chelsea Bonini, Joe Goethals

I ask you to do something for these San Mateo County Democratic Party-endorsed candidates. Learn about these individuals and the School District and City Council positions they seek as incumbents or new candidates. Attend Meet and Greet Candidate Events and read editorials about them in local newspapers. Contact them by email with questions that you have.  And if you are as pleased as we are with the list, consider volunteering for them. These Democrats all need precinct walkers, phone callers and others to assist with get-out-the-vote as we near November 7, 2017 election.  This is what we do as San Mateo County Democrats.  Please do what you can.

These ballot measures earned our endorsement:

B - San Mateo, Change from Odd to Even Year General Elections    

C - Pacifica Community Preservation, Rent Stabilization and Renters  

D – Brisbane, Business License Tax on Soil Recycling Establishments   

E – Brisbane, Business License Tax Recycling Establishment   

F – Atherton, Renew Parcel Tax for 3 years   

H - San Mateo, Considered routine, i.e., ability to change venue to make council   

I – Burlingame, Essential Services Measure   

Over the weekend of November 17-19 is the Winter California Democratic Party Executive Board Meeting. https://www.cadem.org/our-party/executive-board. You can participate in this event in a number of ways and I encourage you to do so.

Your San Mateo County Democratic Party is hosting a gathering for Executive Board attendees at our November 16 General Meeting. In coming weeks, we’ll have more information to share with you. You can also register as an Observer and attend Caucus Meetings and General Meetings over this weekend. https://www.cadem.org/our-party/executive-board. Soon I’ll hear about volunteer opportunities such as registration and I’ll share these with you.

Please continue to support your Democratic Party clubs and the many great groups that are working to turn Congressional Districts in California and eastern states blue.

Thank you for everything you do.

Democratically yours,

Cecily Harris





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