Chair's Letter - January 2015

Happy New Year Democrats!

Both the election and holidays seasons are now behind us and we must again turn our attention to the many challenges and opportunities ahead in 2015.

This will include an as-of-yet to be identified social event to compensate for our holiday party that was unfortunately cancelled due to the severe storms in December. Democrats will have the opportunity to meet in a social atmosphere in another venue and continue to build relationships with one another. Be on the lookout soon.

In addition, a number of efforts will be underway to help the San Mateo County Democratic Party build the necessary resources in anticipation of very competitive Presidential Primary and General Elections.

The January 15, 2015 General Meeting will also feature the Democratic Central Committee biannual reorganization at which members will elect committee officers.

Open elections for local Democrats interested in becoming a delegate to the California Democratic Party State Convention will be held on Saturday January 10 and Sunday January 11, 2015, where 14 people (7 men / 7 women) from each Assembly District will be elected to represent their district as DSCC (Democratic State Central Committee) Delegates for both the 2015 and 2016 State Conventions.

Each Assembly District will also elect Assembly District Executive Board representatives ("EBd Reps") from among the 14 delegates.

This is an excellent opportunity for local Democrats to get involved in the Party and attend a CDP Convention as a voting delegate.

A person may only participate in the ADEM if he/she is a Democrat residing in and registered to vote by the October 20, 2014, voter registration deadline, in the Assembly District they wish to represent, unless the person turned 18 or was a naturalized after the deadline, and is registered or registers onsite.

The list of candidates in each Assembly District is now set but local Democrats are invited to attend to cast ballots for the candidates of their choice.

To see where each ADEM will election will be held please follow the link here to the CDP Web site.


There are many way to get involved with the San Mateo County Democratic Party and we invite all local Democrats to support their Party by volunteering. Please take a look at our Web pageFacebook or Twitter to keep abreast of events or issues that may be of interest.

We invite all local Democrats to join us in keeping San Mateo County blue.

Democratically Yours,
David Burruto 
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