Sister District - Simon Rosenbeg

April 16, 2023 at 4:00pm

Hear from Simon Rosenberg, one of the only people to correctly predict a competitive election in 2022, about the power of the Dem grassroots. Simon will explain why we need to BOTH continue our game-changing electoral work AND become loud and effective at sharing how things always get better with Dems. And be sure to check out Simon on the new substack he has launched, Hopium Chronicles. He’s built it in part to be better able to communicate with all of us.

In the last 6+ years, the Dem grassroots has become increasingly skilled and powerful. In response to MAGA and Trump, proud patriots have organized into effective electoral political organizations all over the country. Despite the relief that Donald Trump was no longer President; despite the historical headwinds; despite the near universal insistence that Dems were doomed to suffer heavy losses; the Dem grassroots worked doggedly in 2021 and 2022 and helped to deliver resounding victories inside the battleground states–AZ, CO, GA, MI, MN, NH, PA, VA. Our powerful grassroots is a huge strategic advantage going into 2024.

Outside the battlegrounds however, in FL, NY, CA, and TX, we lost ground in 2022. To win in those states, we need to do something in addition to flexing our electoral campaign muscle. We need to get loud, with the truth that Democrats deliver and the GOP doesn't, every day, all year. One example of what we mean is that even though Democrats have been far better stewards of the economy in the last 30 years, the GOP polls 10-15 points ahead of Dems on that measure. We can't get to where we want to go nationally unless we fix that.

There will be time for Q&A, and preview of next steps. We hope you can join us!